1.Compliance with laws and regulations We ensure the safety and pollution-free of our products, and we have established internal rules and procedures that comply with laws and regulations and comply with them.

2. Environmental considerations We will strive to use resources and energy efficiently, recycle resources and reduce waste.

3. Improving Customer Satisfaction In order to improve customer satisfaction, we clarify quality requirements, ensure quality control such as product design, development, and verification, and make sincere efforts to meet customer expectations. We will take action.

4. Promotion of continuous improvement In all of our activities, we will definitely proceed with the cycle of planning, execution, verification, and improvement, remove obstructive factors surely, and continue to aim for a more effective and efficient system. To improve.

5. Achievement of Quality Goals Each of our employees recognizes the roles and responsibilities regarding quality, and all employees work together to implement the plans decided by the organization and try to achieve the quality goals.